The holding company AT EUROPE  has been inaugurated in 2016 and has started its business as a trading holding company in Slovakia since 2017.

AT EUROPE has started its activities based on the priority needs of the industrial and economic sectors of the Eastern Europe and the Middle East bloc. The company's activities are focused on the purchase and sale of building materials, foodstuffs, consumables and raw materials for the ceramic industry.

The most important activities of the company in the Eastern bloc region of Slovakia:

• Online selling site (ceramic-tile)
• Supply and sale of sweets and chocolate, dumplings, walnuts
• Supply and sale of salmon fish

The most important activities of the company in the Middle East:

• Online selling site (building materials) (
• Supply and sale of parts and consumables of ceramic industry

This company is doing business with regional offices and affiliates with more than 5 non-Iranian companies in 8 countries such as Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Iran, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan.